September 2020, “I’ll always be”

Joshua Farley, Sophomore Contributor

This is part of the series The Creative News, which captures the “atmospheres” of feeling during the year 2020 as pieces of fiction.

     They went past the empty rows of houses, thinking about the friends who had disappeared. They came to a house, darkened by the loss of one of their old friends and neighbors. He didn’t just move off, he passed away, and not all that long ago. It ate them inside, as they hadn’t talked to him for quite some time. It reminded him of those dark times when he was young, and death was widespread due to horrible disease.

     He gave a note to the family of their dear friend, which they would hold on to for many years to come. He really wrote it way back when he was sixteen, but every word fit the pit of sadness that opened up when he first heard what happened.

     He and his wife pedalled much faster after that. Seeing the place that had meant so much to their friend scared them deeply, so they hit the streets to get back home. . .


September 2020: “I’ll Always Be”

Never in my young existence have I been so struck by death, a force reminding me I’m still on Earth. It’s come at me by the thousands, from around the corner, and from years from now, and yesterday, and a hundred years ago, and from the next street over. I say you’re really dead once there’s so many you don’t feel anything of it anymore.

To the living dead, not departed, what would you want to hear to keep your soul in the game a little while longer?


No matter where you go I’ll always be the first— the first one to depart. It’s so sad but I think I’ll be just fine. I miss you every day.

Think of me, the many ways I’ll always be. I really want to be a happy memory for you.

I’ll always love my family, our streets and our town and our community.

I’ll always be here, walking the dogs for laps and for miles around town between the trees.

I’ll always be a music maker, turning up the beat a little too loud in the early hours of the morning. You know I’ll always feel that 2 o’clock inspiration.

I’ll always want to take to the skies and do flips and turns in the air. I’ll always swoop above the houses and try to impress you with what I’ve learned from the earth and its people.

I’ll always think of you and I’ll miss you all the time. Just think of me and remember what you know that I am.

To put it simply, remember me for all of these things I’ll always be.


It’s one story but it’s a really important one. Don’t forget for me that you’re special and everything you do has the chance to bring smiles to the crying faces of those who would do anything for just one more minute at the end of the day.

As for minutes, I know I could use a couple. . . 

They say time is funny, I say time is sad.


Voices crowd ‘round, all these people I’ll always love.

Together we remember all these things I’ll always be.