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The Pod – Episode #22 – Tea Time talks fashion trends

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Zoe Guzman, Junior Contributor

Music is less of a hobby and more of a lifestyle for Canfield High School student, Zoe Guzman. At only 16 years old she landed a job booking gigs at a...

Annika Lazazzera-Swanson, Junior Contributor

To Annika Lazazzera-Swanson, life was consumed by family, friends and a home in Pennsylvania. But after facing a hard Spring of 2018, adjustment was a...

Reagan Todd, Junior Contributor

Some people believe that everything happens for a reason and plays a role in something else.  To Reagan Todd, she is a nonbeliever in this.



Layali Kusuni, Junior Contributor

When most people think of success they put their focus into one particular thing, but for Layali Kusuni, she strives to succeed in every aspect of her...

Lauren Stephens, Junior Contributor

Lauren Stephens was born in the wrong generation. Movies, fashion, music and the simple lifestyle in general, reflect the 90s era, which plays a big part...

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The Pod – Episode #22 – Tea Time talks fashion trends