My approach to style in three outfits

Chloe Deak, Junior Contributor

Style is one of the many things I use to express myself. It’s one of the many art forms that is actually very widely useful. Being able to put together a fashionable outfit is hard work, and it definitely pays off in the long run, people take you more seriously, and I find you also become more approachable. 

Usually, when I conjure up the outfit I wear for the day, I try to put myself into an altered universe I made in my mind, a dreamlike ethereal reality. Especially with how bland style is today, it gives me more of a want to have a different kind of appeal. 

So here I will explain  how I found my own personalized style, as well as give examples of three outfits I like wearing.

When it comes to essentials of what I’m wearing, I always find myself going straight for a red lip, something about the chic, timeless feel to it seems to fit in with exactly with what I want. I also like to wear a lot of jewelry – weird, wacky earrings are my favorite. I have a pair of face earrings I love to wear a few times every week, as well as my bird cages that I seem to get many compliments on. Going on about jewelry, I also love to wear many necklaces at the same time, going for the ethereal layered look, pearls, seashells, charms, a Taurus necklace. 

Many of my outfits are very much inspired by works of art, music I like to listen to, as well as many of the accessories I like to wear. 

Outfit #1

Whenever I wear this outfit, I seem to always feel like some kind of nymph longing for her lover.

The long green dress accompanied by a long white overcoat. usually I pair this outfit with my western flair golden heels. Also, I sometimes braid the hair framing my face. Last but not least, I top it off with my bird cage earrings.




Outfit #2


I’ve always been utterly obsessed with the cut of this crop top – something about the curved lines is so elegant. I’m a big fan of putting patterns in an outfit that you normally wouldn’t see together, which is what I did here. Even though this is more of a summery look, I feel it encapsulates what I like. I’m also obsessed with this skirt, as it reminds me of old-timey French.






Outfit #3

This look is much different than the other two. This is an example of something I’ve been wearing more recently, accommodating to the weather dropping to the mid 50s. Lately I’ve had an obsession with silk – this rosey red silky turtleneck was a gift from a friend a few years back. Not too long ago I found it in the back of my closet and been obsessed since. I’ve  also been huge on long coats, especially as winter rolls around. This navy long coat has been a favorite of mine since freshman year. 


These are a few of my looks. I’m still nowhere near how I want to look in terms of style, but soon enough I’ll be there and even then it may be completely opposite of how I dress now.