A look at CHS fall fits

Summer is sadly gone. A quick three months filled with fun and exciting outfits. As the season passed and fall started so did school. That means many exciting and cute school-appropriate fall fits.

Fall fashion at Canfield high school can vary from sweatpants paired with a baggy sweatshirt to amazingly creative outfits that will surely turn heads. For the purpose of this article, we will be taking a deeper look into the more creative outfits. 

Starting off with the girls. It is immediately noticed that the girls tend to put more thought into their outfits than the boys. Girls this fall at Canfield High school are really loving layering and sweaters. Sometimes you may even see that they will layer with a sweater. Girls this fall are also elevating their style by incorporating more accessories like belts and jewelry.

On the other hand, the boys seem to generally be more casual, however, you will have your more outgoing lads that will humble all of us with their style. Big trends for the guys this fall include flannels, popular brands like Hollister, and cool sneakers.

Throughout the student body, denim, patterns like stripes and camo, flannels, sweaters, layering, fashionable sneakers are huge. The fashion vibe Canfield gives off is vintage in the most comfortable way.

Students can be seen this fall in trendy fall fashion walking around the halls. Maybe take a second to enjoy the creative fashion forward students between classes. Or even enjoy the fall fashion yourself with inspiration from this look-book of what Canfield High School is wearing this fall season.