Senior Ambrose does it all

Abigail Ambrose is a senior this year at Canfield High School. Abigail is a busy student at Canfield, with being in honors class and two choirs. Along with her demanding school schedule, Abby is president of the interact club, speech and debate, drama club, choir, dance, and peer counseling. Abby is known for her organization skills and being very put together.

When we interviewed Abby, we asked her about an average day in her life. Abby wakes up around 6:30 after getting about eight hours of sleep a night.  She gets to the school so she can take her morning laps which is one of the highlights of her day. During the school day she has a more laid back schedule for her senior year consisting of math, two choirs, and AP US history. On her busier days, Abby stays after school for practices of her many activities. On these days she could be at the school till 9 at night. On an average day she’s home and has time to decompress from school. When she is able to be home directly after school, she makes sure to get homework done right away and usually tries to be in bed by 10:30 to make sure she gets enough rest for her day ahead.

She said, “I go to bed 10:30 every night, sleep until 6:30.  … I cannot function if I don’t. Sleep is my coffee.”

Abby is very accomplished in her activities. In speech and debate, with making it multiple times to the state tournament. She also has had many roles in the drama department. Including her newest this year in “The Play That Goes Wrong,” that Abby looks forward to. She talks about drama and how much she loves it. We asked Abby what her greatest accomplishment in drama was.

Abby said, “If I get a big part in a show, I mean that’s great, and that’s fun, but we are still putting on the show as a whole cast. So I feel like I’m not taking credit for the success of all of us. But Anastasia was super fun, I feel like that was the best show we have put on.”

Abby loves the way drama makes a group and provides a great atmosphere where everyone can feel comfortable. 

While being so very organized and  involved in her day to day activities, it can be hard when things do not work out perfectly.  As a hard working student, Abby shared with us something she realized over the years about her academic career.

She said,  “It’s not that serious, getting a bad grade really isn’t going to kill you. Would it maybe affect getting into an Ivy League school, yeah, but I don’t want to go to an Ivy League school. I have no desire to go to an Ivy League school, I don’t want to be in a pressuring environment for another 4 years.”

A solid mindset like this has helped Abby when it came to handling her demanding schedule and the stress that comes along with it. 

Abby is very organized in almost everything she does. She has her own system that works for her.

Abby said, “Organizing is easy you just need to take the time to do it and figure out what your type of organizing looks like. Some people organize things completely differently and they’re successful.”

While she has most of her day to day planned out she is still looking into what she wants to do for the future.

Abby said, “I hate this question, I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. Which is surprising for someone as organized as me. Whenever I tell people that they are like, ‘really you don’t know’… I don’t want to do anything in math and science … I’ve thought about teaching, I’ve thought about interior design, I’ve thought about English major, book editing, I’ve thought about all kinds of stuff. Just getting a general business degree.”

Although still figuring out what she wants to do after high school she is just trying to finish through with the best possible outcome she can have. Enjoying day to day and wanting to have the best senior year she can!