Thanksgiving, the forgotten holiday

Thanksgiving is commonly overlooked because right after Halloween, the world transitions toward Christmas and other Holidays. Thanksgiving is a massive American Holiday that is celebrated in many households, including our own. It was originally celebrated to give thanks for the harvest and the fact that one has made it through another year.

In our culture today, Thanksgiving is celebrated by eating a turkey dinner with loved ones and by expressing thankfulness. Aside from eating a turkey dinner, Thanksgiving holds many other traditions like breaking the wishbone, shopping on black Friday, and watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving day Parade.

The wishbone carries much superstition. Before dinner, families will set aside the bone. Once the meal is over, two people will grab each side of the bone, make their wishes, and will simultaneously pull it apart in hopes of picking the bigger end. If they get the bigger end, it is said to have the wish come true, and good luck for the upcoming year. This is a popular tradition in our own households. We love competing for the bigger half because knowing one will have good luck or the next year is a big prize. It is one of our most practiced traditions.

Black Friday is one of our favorite parts of Thanksgiving. Stores everywhere have some of the biggest sales at night and the day after Thanksgiving mainly to prepare for Christmas.  Although there are extremely long lines out the door and people running all over the place, we especially love the sales that these stores provide. Black Friday has evolved so much as a tradition that these sales continue on Cyber Monday which is an online version of black Friday. It is identical without the long lines and crazy shoppers. 

Every morning each year, the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade is televised. With the big floats, celebrities, and the Rockettes performing, it is something very special to our country. It started 94 years ago and is still a major part of the holiday traditions. We get up early every year and watch the parade with our families while eating our breakfast. Our favorite part of the parade would definitely be when the celebrities sing the Christmas carols and stand on the themed floats because it really brings the holiday spirit to life. The parade will forever be a very popular tradition because it is one of the biggest celebrations of Thanksgiving.

Some of our favorite traditions of Thanksgiving are the wishbone, Black Friday shopping, and the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade. The holiday celebrates togetherness and giving thanks. Spending time with family and friends, practicing these traditions, and eating a large dinner are all major reasons why this Holiday is special, and why we look forward to celebrating it every year.