Key Club brightens the lives of nursing home residents

Key Club is just one of the extracurricular activities at Canfield High School involving the student body. During this uncertain time the club has still managed to execute different activities in a safe way that benefits the community. 

Key Club adviser Miss Pozzuto explained the background and purpose of the club and also touched on the most recent activity they have done, which includes students reaching out to residents of a nursing home by giving them gifts and letters during the holiday season and upcoming events they plan to execute.  

Pozzuto said, “Key Club is designed to be student lead, an organization to provide service experience, service opportunities, create leadership roles for any individual involved, and create character.”

She elaborated on this by going into detail about the structure of the Key Club, “Pre-Covid we had it designed so that we have board members, and then in addition we have grade-level representatives.”

Despite Covid, the club has still been able to carry out a very important event that has been passed down over the years in Key Club. The students partake in giving gifts and writing pen-pal letters to nursing home residents of the Windsor House in Canfield during the holiday season.

“The Windsor House of Canfield doesn’t usually have a lot of visitors, especially during the holidays, so we thought it would be nice to create a bond with some of our community members and pass along a little joy in the season. As far as pen-pal letters that project was asked for by the students, it’s very student driven. They wanted another way to be able to reach out, not just to the residents, but other members of our community,” she explained. 

When asked if she knew of any of the reactions from the nursing home residents and workers she described the events coordinator at the Windsor house as “in tears” and “completely overwhelmed.”

Pozzuto elaborated, “…because they don’t get a lot of visitors to begin with, but especially because of covid they have been on complete lockdown.”

Later, Pozzuto received a letter from the events coordinator as a thank you for all the gifts, which expressed her gratitude. She believes that the key club will be continuing this tradition in the upcoming years.