Fashion for (high school) dummies

Everyone has their own style, and these styles can pretty much be broken down into three different categories. Those being unique, casual, and fancy.

We consulted fashion advisor students from around the school to better understand what exactly creates one of these specific styles.

A unique outfit can be accomplished by “mixing different colors and patterns in a way that isn’t too extreme can really make an outfit stand out more”, according to unique outfit extraordinaire, Annabelle Scianna.

When asked how one could make a “unique” outfit, she said that, “Anything can work with unique style as long as it is styled appropriately. For example, I used to have a strong hatred for cargo pants, but recently after seeing how one could style those putrid pants I have bought 3 pairs.” 

While multiple people were asked for their opinion on unique outfits, they all had a common trend. They all agreed that a unique outfit could be created with any type of clothing, as long as they were styled appropriately to match.

Another common type of outfit is the casual style. A casual outfit is commonly referred to as “comfy clothes like lounge wear, long sleeves, shorts, joggers, (or) soft clothes.”

This definition of casual was given by freshman Peyton Nottingham.

He also stated what does not necessarily count as a casual outfit such as, “suits, flannels, dress pants… high heels”.

It is also important to recognize that accessories are a key part of any outfit. In regards to accessories, Nottingham said that “Necklaces, watches, and colored socks” were among the possible accessories that one could wear if they were aiming for a casual outfit.

Finally, the outfit style that takes the most effort to pull off: fancy.

Canfield Senior Meera Sethi said, “Personally, I think what makes an outfit fancy is when the clothing itself matches, but then you elevate it with matching accessories and shoes. so I think a fancy outfit is an outfit that has multiple components that go together perfectly”.

With that in mind, it is easy to see how a fancy outfit is by far the hardest one to prepare for. This is because of the level of effort that that style requires.


Also, senior Kareena Thakar explained what to avoid when going to look fancy.

She said that, “1. That the look can’t be monotone, dull, or boring , and 2. That the look is consistent with current fashion, or classic fashion. Don’t pull out a 80s neon look on us when it’s 2021.” 

Clearly, according to our fashion advisors, It is very important when you are choosing you clothes for tomorrow, to consider what style of outfit you are going to wear, and what pairs well with it.