Protective masks becoming a fashion statement

Due to the COVID-19 regulations and guidelines, schools everywhere were shut down in the Spring. Upon returning to school in the fall, students noticed some new rules they were required to follow. One rule was that everyone in the school, including the students, teachers, and administrators had to wear masks at all times.

Often, students took advantage of this difficult time and got creative with their masks and expressed themselves.

Olivia Kabetso, a junior at Canfield High School, said, “I love tie dye masks; I also love masks with patterns to brighten up or add color to my outfit.”

Even though masks are not fun to wear, some people like to take advantage and turn the bad situation into something positive.

CHS librarian Mrs. Kuczek said, “It’s crazy that we have to do this, but I can see why these designed masks are a thing.”

Often, wearing these unique masks makes people feel happy.

Kuczek said, “It lightens up everything that’s going on right now and allows kids to feel good about wearing masks.” 

Hopefully soon there will be no need for masks but until then people might as well express themselves and make the most of this situation.

“My favorite masks are typically the homemade ones. They are more comfortable and you can add your own little personal touch to them,” said Stilson, a senior.

Masks are affordable and cute and many people choose to wear homemade ones.

One fun thing about the masks is shopping for them. There are so many different kinds and patterns of masks. They can completely make up an outfit. For now, the face masks are sticking around and we have adorable, affordable places for people to get them.

Kabetso affirmed, “I always see ads of masks online and my favorite ones are the ones from Etsy. They have every mask imaginable. Also, a small coffee shop called You Me Oui sells masks that are very cheerful.”

Wearing masks is normal nowadays. Students do not feel forced to wear masks if they get to pick out their own with nice patterns. Fashionable masks shed light on the pandemic.

Students and even teachers wear masks that match their style.

“I actually love color coordinating my masks with my outfits,” Kuczek said.

Boutiques and individuals are constantly selling masks because they are so frequently bought and needed. Many people want to have fashionable masks and these shops are making it easy for people to purchase because of how unique they are. Until further notice, masks are here to stay, so why not use them as a fashion statement and express yourself?