An “OK Boomer” explainer

Anna Dudash, Senior Contributor

Listen, and you might hear the term “OK Boomer.”

This nation-wide phenomenon has turned some tables amongst older and younger generations.

The phrase originated on the social media platform “TikTok” in 2019 and has gone viral since. But why?

Millennials and Generation Z use the term to shut down invalid arguments or phrases from the Baby Boomer era (1946-1964). As some use it as a playful term, others take offense to it. It was originally created as a joke, but has recently become more of an insult. Recently, a 25 year old lawmaker from New Zealand, Chlöe Swabrick, used the term in order to shut down a colleague who interrupted her speech about climate change and carbon emissions. She is now being seen as an icon across the web.

One may argue that it is a cruel term, but it is nothing that should be taken seriously. It is an opportunity for younger generations to have a say against the opinions of older generations without needing to get into an argument.

After all, it’s not like the term is not self explanatory – it just states the generation in which they were born. “OK Boomer” is such a viral phrase that it has now been added to As of now, Baby Boomers have not come up with a reverse term. The real question is: did this simple phrase begin a war between generations? Not many think so, but that can change in a matter of time. Will this term be used more in politics and public affairs? Only time can tell.