And what’s the deal with Spirit Week?

Gavin Ramun

Spirit week is a big deal at the Canfield High School, for a whole week the halls of the school are decorated to set different themes, each grade having a different theme to conquer. Also, each day that week there is a new theme for the day so each day kids will dress in a new way. Each year there is a School theme which everyone participates in, but each grade gets an individual theme as well so each grade is competing against one another to see who has the most school spirit. At the end of the week one grade will be crowned the winner of the most school spirit and the coolest hallway. 

 9th= Shark Week Theme

10th= Camo Theme

 11th= Zoo Theme

12th= Area 51 Theme

School Theme= Cardinals Glow Crazy

I scavenged the halls to find student’s personal opinions on their theme and the other competition in the school. The results were surprising…

Senior Grace Ramun said, “I love my grade theme, I feel like there’s a lot of room for creativity and variety. Having such a broad category is fun because it makes it really easy to participate and decorate. I also feel like there’s a lot of good competition because all the grade themes were pretty creative but like the seniors are definitely going to win.” 

Ramun seems to be enjoying the senior’s theme and is confident they will do the best.

Freshman Nicholas Magliocca said, “I like the theme our grade voted for because I have a lot of ideas to work with but it wasn’t my first choice I picked personally. I think the freshman have a big disadvantage because we are the youngest in the school and new to the highschool so most kids don’t know how big spirit really is here but we also have a huge advantage because Mrs. Pizzuto and Mrs. Urbania are our grades teachers and they go full out for spirit week and are truly passionate to win.” 

Magliocca is a little less confident than most but he does seem to have hope that his grade’s spirit can pull through as underdogs.

Senior Francesca Ricciardi said, “I think my favorite theme is the Area 51 theme that the seniors chose because its a fun idea and the whole space idea is so cool. The whole idea of spirit week is really cool because the school lets us come together to show our spirit and actually give us the flexibility to let us have fun with it and still be competitive.” 

Ricciardi thought more about how it’s cool they are letting us be competitive instead of how she thinks each grade will do.

Although all these ideas differ on who will have the most spirit, there can only be one who wins…


Juniors pulled out the spirit week win by beating the freshman in blindfolded dodgeball in overtime.