Check yourself before you drain yourself

Annabelle Scianna and Alexandria Crans

Picture this, you wake up at 6:30 every morning just to go to school by 7:45, sit in a desk until 2:30, and stay after school for a few more additional hours. That can get pretty tiring. 

Not that being tired is a bad thing, but getting tired every single day, five days a week can start to drain anyone, not just a student. 

According to Forbes, 40% of high school students feel unmotivated and disengaged from school. 

Being unmotivated can cause students to feel drained and in turn cause conflicts with their inner self. 

While that may be the sad truth, thankfully students have found different creative outlets to help them escape and recharge after being constantly overworked in the school environment.

Take for example, Sophomore, Anthony Scarmack, when asked what he does in his free time in order to feel reenergized, he said that he is a part of the Canfield theatre program and it is one of his favorite activities to do.

Scarmack has been involved in the Canfield Drama Club since fifth grade, and coincidentally enough, in his first middle school production he was cast as the lead, and now in his sophomore year he received the lead role!

Incorporating what you love and what gives you excitement during school activities is good for helping stabilize stress, given that most of the hours awake are spent in school, finding an escape associated with school is very beneficial, so that when you are in school there is something to look forward to.

Although, others find their hobbies to be outside of school.

In the case of Senior, Zoe Guzman, she tends to find an escape on her own time, she works for a theatre, writes scripts, directing films, and owns her business.

In the question of how Guzman incorporates self expression into her hobbies she said, “I like to express myself through my business, which is doing custom paint jobs for different people.”

Guzman’s business consists of hand designing and painting custom clothing mainly for “out of state rappers and bands.” 

Both associated and unassociated with the school, hobbies that make students feel less drained can be very different, even some have things that they do while inside of school to prevent feeling burnt-out.

Junior, Alex Crans, has discovered a different tempo to feel revived during the school day. She enjoys listening to music while working and walking through the halls.

Crans feels that, “…music ends up making me feel more excited for class than teachers or like lesson plans, everything feels so repetitive throughout my day but I can always just listen to something else and change my mood.”

While every student may do something different to make themselves feel rejuvenated after a long day, every activity is done for the same reason, of stimulating joy, so that while your school day may feel dreary and exhausting, there can always be something to pick you back up.

Letting long day’s drain you is something that every person can fall victim to, but how you choose to come back from an exhausting few hours is up to you.