Is Primetime best spent outside the building?

Anna Dudash, Senior Contributor

For some, Friday the 13th is a scary holiday, but for Canfield High School, it was a chance for the senior class to get together and bond.

Last week, all of the senior Primetimes, excluding one, went outside on the Bob Dove football field. This allowed students to participate in games, exercise, studying, and just getting some fresh air. Although this event was supposedly to get seniors out of the school to allow the rest of 9-11th graders to have their pictures taken, we took a survey amongst 100 random seniors – 50 girls and 50 boys -and these were the results:

Overall, the results were positive, but this is just a small portion of the senior class. Out of the 100 seniors I interviewed, 3 of them gave comments on whether or not going outside is a positive or a negative.

Anthony D’Alesio has this to say in regards to yes: “Going outside on a friday night, there is nothing like it. You are going to war with people that you know have your back and you have theirs.” 

Alex Love, who also agreed to going outside on Primetime Fridays, had this to add: “When I heard we were going outside for Primetime, frisbee was the first thing I thought of. My buddies and I have played frisbee during the summer for years, so it was a nice break from school.” 

On the other hand, there had been some students who opposed, here is what Katrina Reed said about going outside on Fridays: “I like studying and working on projects and I can do better inside.” 

Overall, a large variety of students wouldn’t mind going outside again on primetime friday. Whether it’s once a month, or once a semester, it’s a good opportunity for students to get some fresh air and socialize. However, a majority of students made comments about having more to do, such as more games available and food. This is up for the individual primetimes’ to decide how to direct their outside activities, along with allowing the option for students to stay inside if they want as long as a teacher can watch over them. 

Outside or inside, the class of 2020 seniors will always find a way to have a good time.