What’s on trend this fall?


Michael Mercure, Junior Contributor

As October arrives and the weather starts getting colder, the drip begins to change all over, especially here at Canfield High School.

Everyone begins to bundle up as it gets colder, changing the style of their clothing. From wearing short sleeve shirts and shorts all summer to now people wearing  jeans, sweaters, hoodies and sweatpants. Some people love the change of clothing that the fall brings, while others don’t really care that much.

Here at Canfield High School, there is a lot of fashion seen throughout the halls. Many guys and girls love to dress up and look good here at Canfield High School.

For guys, flannels are in style, as well as sweaters. To go with these tops, many guys prefer ripped skinny jeans that are cuffed. For girls, sweaters and multiple layers of clothing pieces are in style, as well as attachments like expensive belts and jewelry. While many students like to dress up, lots of students in contrast tend to go with casual sweatpants and comfortable hoodies. 

Junior Trey Dye  mentioned how he loves the fall because of the weather change. He said, “I love looking fly in the fall. I tend to wear flannels because they keep me warm and they have a good look to them. I also tend to wear jeans, and I always roll them up. You always got to have drip.”

Many students love to drip at school, simply meaning that your style is extremely fashionable. Walking through the halls of CHS, you will see many students with creative, as well as unique styles of clothing. Next time your walking the halls of CHS, make sure you take a close look in the unique clothing styles that students love to wear!