The good, the bad and the in-between of senior year

Giannah Marasovich

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From day one of high school all anybody ever said was to savor the next four years because it goes by in the blink of an eye. This year the class of 2019 is finishing up their time in high school and here some of the pros and cons of being a senior at CHS.


According to Makayla Jageman, a senior at Canfield High, when you are a senior “You gain the respect of all the underclassmen because you are the oldest and have been there the longest.” Once you reach senior year you have earned your spot at the top of the high school food chain.

Canfield actually lets the senior class sit in with their counselors individually and make their class schedule, that way each student knows that they will have the classes they need or want to take on their transcripts. Future art major, Katie Burrows, said “ It’s really nice getting to have all art classes as a senior, since I will be going to art school next year.”


Once your classes start senior year there is a very small window of opportunity for you to fill out college applications and still meet that school’s deadlines. “I just get really stressed out sometimes when I am filling out scholarships or applications for schools I want to go to. I feel like I started really late and because of that I’m afraid that I won’t get in,” said Bri Ventimiglia.

Saying goodbye to all of the people that you grew up with and all of the people you have gone to school with for the past twelve, maybe thirteen years in you’re counting preschool, can be hard. Especially if you are going away to college somewhere that you live on campus.


If you decide to move away and live on campus somewhere then you are starting over, you would have to remake your name wherever you go and start all fresh with everything. For some people that is a good thing but for others it can definitely induce a little bit of stress.

Another thing that Canfield does for its seniors is freeze grades before the school year ends. This could be a really good thing if you are taking a tougher class and maybe your “senioritis” is kicking in making it even harder to study towards the end of the year. But it could also be a really bad thing if you had a goal of getting a cord at graduation for having a high GPA, and you needed those second semester grades to bring up your GPA.

All in all CHS has more pros than it does cons when it comes to being a senior. So if you are a senior this year go and be involved in as much as you possibly can. It is your last time to experience football games or basketball games, it’s your last chance to go to dances with your best friends or your boyfriends/girlfriends and it’s your last chance to be with the people you grew up with. And if you are not a senior yet just remember it really does go fast, that’s not just something they tell you.

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