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Home or Away For Thanksgiving day?

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Thanksgiving day is one of the best occasions to spend quality time with family and close friends.

Many holiday traditions exist and are completely different from person to person. Sitting down to a crowded family dinner is an obvious tradition, but is it more common to host, or to travel for the festivities.

The students of Canfield High school provided their answers to this question and gave a little insight on what their holiday plans consist of.

Sophomore Delaney Pallo says “We stay home and watch the Macy’s parade while putting up our Christmas tree. We make and eat a nice breakfast, then put on nice clothes and take pictures before going to my Mom’s parents’ for an early dinner. Afterwards, we go to my Dad’s parents’ to eat pie and see our cousins on that side of the family.”

Callia Barwick, a junior, also adds her family tradition. She says, “We stay home and watch the parade while eating homemade pancakes that my mom makes for us. We then will get dressed and head to my aunt and uncle’s or we stay at our house it changes every year. We have a big feast of food including turkey, mash potatoes and other homemade food. To end the festivities, we sit down to watch a football game, or go outside to play games depending on weather and we eat homemade pumpkin pie.”

Seniors Emma Paris, and Mason Burbick go to other’s houses for Thanksgiving dinner and Seniors Halle Schneider and Svetha Nallapaneni host the festivities at their houses.

Junior Audrey Altiere says “I go to my dads parents for brunch and my whole family comes into town and then later for dinner I go to my moms parents and her side all gets together.”

It’s obvious that many different traditions exist and different people have different holiday plans. One thing is clear; Whether you go out or stay in for Thanksgiving in Canfield, you’re guaranteed to spend the day spending quality time with family and friends. No matter where you go the point of the holiday is to be together and students at Canfield definitely have that covered!

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Home or Away For Thanksgiving day?