How do boys at Canfield High School prepare for homecoming?

Brianna Ventimiglia

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One of the highlights of high school is participating in a school dance. Homecoming is an exciting event all around. There are so many thing that go into this dance that make it such a fun experience. There also is a lot that goes into planning that special day with reservations appointments going shopping and other things like that.

Everyone gets ready in a different way but there is a drastic difference in the way that boys get ready compared to the way that girls get ready for the dance.

As we all know, there is a lengthy and in depth process that girls going to homecoming take to get ready. Making appointments, hair, makeup, shopping; so many things to do.

The following question stands: Do boys have the same in depth process of getting ready as girls?

We asked boys around Canfield High School what their process is to get ready for the dance.

Vincent Machuga, grade 10, said, “I usually start in the morning, getting my suit cleaned and set out. I start really getting ready at about 3:30 PM I just getting a shower and putting my suit on.”

Compared to a girls filled schedule, this seems like a stress free process.

Zach Russo, grade 11, had a little longer and more thought out process. He said, “ My grandma and my mom loves homecoming so they get everything ready by themselves. I start getting ready at about 3:30 PM and try to stay calm because I get really anxious for pictures, but after that I’m ready.”

Even though the two boys start getting ready much later than girls, they still put some thought into their day and definitely do care a lot about their appearances, similarly to the girls.


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