One girl’s take on homecoming

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One girl’s take on homecoming

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The annual Homecoming Dance is here! The dance takes place on September 29, 2018 at the High School, and the theme this year is out of this world…


But, besides all the basics of Homecoming of the where, what and when.The people involved in the making of this magical night, especially the people who go to the dance.

Makeup, Hair, Nails, Flowers, Dresses, Pictures, and Dance.

Girls have these things in mind while they get ready for the night.

I looked at the different grades, and how girls process for getting prepared for this night changes throughout the years.

From the survey taken of 6 people from each grade, on average, people start getting ready for the infamous dance at noon. That’s when everything starts coming together.

Freshman, the first year of high school, the first dance of your high school career, and important night full of firsts.

Based on the survey taken of freshman, on average they spend about $190 dollars for Homecoming.

Sophomores, still not upperclassmen, but have enough high school experience of dances, on average spend, $250 on their homecoming night.

Juniors, finally known as upperclassmen, finally some priority at school, experts at the dance scene, spend  $200, on homecoming.

Seniors, bittersweet moments of your last first dance, your last first dance at Canfield High School, a night to remember. On average, based on the survey, seniors spend on their dance with a whopping, $350.

They range for the money people will spend on Homecoming all comes from personal preference. Freshman not knowing what to expect spend little, and as you grow up learn your style and what you want to wear.

Throughout the years, fashion has changes and continues to adapt to the audience as they keep growing.

Even looking at the last three years of Homecoming fashion, things have changed, the style, cut and length of  the dresses.

Three years ago, 2016, Homecoming dresses were two pieces, and enriched with designs, ruffles, and beads.

The year after that (2017) the dresses were more simple than 2016, but there still was a lot. It was either the top half or bottom half that had the eye catching part of the dress, whereas the past year the whole dress had something going on. Also there was less of a trend for two pieces this year.

The most recent year of Homecoming dresses, this year, a new trend. Dresses this year were longer than ever, and they were simple. The trend for bead, designs, floral, and two pieces were gone. This year dresses were more formal, and died down on the ‘extra’.  

Overall, it’s pretty clear that here at Canfield High School, people follow the trends for Homecoming dresses for the year. With the exception of a few that take risks. It is always interesting to see what people will wear every single year, and how peoples styles change as they grow. The cost of dresses really don’t have an impact on how good you look or how much fun you have at the dance. Cost is just a factor of the dance, but how you act is the result of your opinion of that dance.

The cost spent on Homecoming, based on the surveys taken for each grade, are similar. However, cost is more of a personal choice people make, they decide how much they want to spend on one night. The cost people spend on Homecoming night does not reflect their experiences gained throughout the night.

The dress is an important part of the night, it is a person statement on who they are, and what they like. A lot is learned from how someone dresses.

Homecoming can be a fun experience for all, and those who wear and do what they want for preparation for the dance seem to have more fun. Be sure to think about what you want to wear and who you want to be for all the future dances to come. 

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