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The phrase “Senioritis” has been used by many senior students all over the globe who are more than ready to break free of the high school world. Students use this phrase to describe how their energy and level of care towards school begins to approach an all-time low as their last year of high school comes to an end.

Every student comes in contact with this feeling at some point in their high school career, some students earlier than others. Some have these “senioritis” tendencies before even reaching their senior year of high school.

Alex Hernandez and Anna Pugh, current Canfield High School seniors, say that they have experienced senioritis throughout their senior year.

Hernandez said, “In the beginning of the year I was like ‘Oh yeah senior year, let’s finish it with straight A’s, all I have to do is apply myself!’ and ever since about Halloween my book bag hasn’t even left my car.”   

Hernandez also explained that, as his senior year has progressed, he has continued to become increasingly more lazy.

Pugh described senioritis as a very serious disease of which she has a very severe case.

She said, “I have lost all motivation to come to school and see no point in participating in class. I maintain my grades but I have all the credits I need to graduate, so really I’m no too concerned about my grades.”

Pugh also said that she is glad her voice has been heard on her opinion and experiences with senioritis and is glad that someone has brought attention to this very common issue.

In my eyes, senioritis, although it is extremely common in high school students all over the world, should be avoided at all costs. Throughout high school, students work tirelessly to obtain the best grades they can and try to the best of their ability to succeed. I do not think that this effort should be wasted in the last couple weeks of a student’s senior year.

As a junior in high school, next year I plan to continue to try my hardest, even though I may feel like homework and participation in class is pointless at that point in my life. I’ll keep in mind that my senior year has just as much of an impact on my final GPA as every other year of high school. I’ll try my absolute best to pull the last little bit of motivation I may have left and put it towards having a strong, and successful senior year.

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