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AP: Advanced Placement or Aggravated Pupils?

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AP: Advanced Placement or Aggravated Pupils?

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Every May, nearly three million high school students across the nation cram knowledge into their brains in preparation for their annual AP exams.

Canfield High School offers 13 AP classes to prepare students for the exams, but some students may choose to take AP exams for classes that our high school does not offer. However, many students refuse to study even for the exams they do have classes for.  

According to a survey given to 50 AP students, 68% did not begin studying regardless of the fact that their exams were the following week. However, not all students were lax— some dedicated an abundance of their time to preparation for their exams.

Junior Vincent Patierno revealed that he studies 1-2 hours a day outside of school, compared to his peers, who for the majority did not study at all.

Another AP student who stands out is junior Julia Petrallo. She is taking 5 AP exams, only three of which are offered at the high school.

Yet, those who did not take initiative and study outside of school believed they would get a passing score and qualify for college exemption. This may be attributed to the teachers who prepared their students well for their exams.

New AP English Literature teacher Mr. Courtney believes that his students are “adequately prepared” for the exam. He says that although there are “a million things I [Mr. Courtney] could have done better,” both his students and others still have faith in their teachers’ modes of preparation.

AP classes are undoubtedly challenging, but most students at Canfield admit they feel pressured to take them because their peers also take AP classes. Regardless of why students take AP classes, they are all relying on their teachers’ tactics to ready them for their strenuous tests.

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AP: Advanced Placement or Aggravated Pupils?