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AP: Advanced Placement or Aggravated Pupils?

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Every May, nearly three million high school students across the nation cram knowledge into their brains in preparation for their annual AP exams.

Canfield High School offers 13 AP classes to prepare students for the exams, but some students may choose to take AP exams for classes that our high school does not offer. However, many students refuse to study even for the exams they do have classes for.  

According to a survey given to 50 AP students, 68% did not begin studying regardless of the fact that their exams were the following week. However, not all students were lax— some dedicated an abundance of their time to preparation for their exams.

Junior Vincent Patierno revealed that he studies 1-2 hours a day outside of school, compared to his peers, who for the majority did not study at all.

Another AP student who stands out is junior Julia Petrallo. She is taking 5 AP exams, only three of which are offered at the high school.

Yet, those who did not take initiative and study outside of school believed they would get a passing score and qualify for college exemption. This may be attributed to the teachers who prepared their students well for their exams.

New AP English Literature teacher Mr. Courtney believes that his students are “adequately prepared” for the exam. He says that although there are “a million things I [Mr. Courtney] could have done better,” both his students and others still have faith in their teachers’ modes of preparation.

AP classes are undoubtedly challenging, but most students at Canfield admit they feel pressured to take them because their peers also take AP classes. Regardless of why students take AP classes, they are all relying on their teachers’ tactics to ready them for their strenuous tests.

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Jessica Lee, Junior Contributor

Stanford is known as the Harvard of the west, and getting accepted is a strenuous process. Some Canfield students might think that Stanford is in Jessica Lee’s future, but she does not have the same aspirations as her brother, and that is okay.

When asked if she feels burdened by the standards of living up to her brother’s accomplishments, Lee replied, “Do I have to reach expectations based off of my brother? No, not really.”

While both brother and sister are extremely determined, the two are not competitive with one another.

“Max is better at some things than me, and I am better at some things than him,” Lee commented.

In plenty of families, there is a presumed “favorite child.” And from the outside, Max might look to be the favorite, but that is commonly misunderstood.

“I have figured out why my parents might hold Max to a higher standard. Max wants to do a job in public policy or politics and in order to achieve that career, being a politician or doctor, it would be more beneficial if he went to Stanford,” Lee said.

Because Jessica has different ambitions for her future, the Lee parents push her differently than Max, based off of what they need in order to have the future they want.

When asked if they motivate each other, Jessica replied, “I would say that he motivates me, for sure.”

Even as Max is across the country, Max can motivate Jessica because he wants what is best for her, and she wants what is best for him. After all, Max and Jessica are siblings, not opponents.

– Gabby Sammarone

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Gabby Sammarone, Senior Contributor

As a student, stress is the ultimate enemy of productivity. Gabby Sammarone, a senior of Canfield High School, will tell us how she manages her life. Having to face difficult classes like AP Government, Physics, and also having involvements in school clubs, how does one manage to balance their life out?

Gabby Sammarone, a senior of Canfield High School, will tell us how she manages her life.

When asked about what she does for fun, Gabby stated, “ I like to listen to music, read and my favorite is doing yoga.”.

When asked further about why yoga is her favorite activity, she tells us that “Yoga is an activity that is calming, the environment helps me get in my zone and relaxes”.

Gabby likes to engage in yoga at least twice a week. Sometimes, she brings her older sister alone.

“My older sister is the one that got me into yoga, actually. Giavanna, my older sister, started to work a couple years ago and she just brought me along too”.  

Even with her sister going to college, Gabby and her sister still manages to spend some bonding over yoga.

Gabby also shared that “ever since I got involved with yoga, my health has improved greatly, everyone should try yoga at least once in their life”.  

“There are two types of yoga, the Yin and the Yang. I would recommend beginners to try the Yin because it focuses on the mental mindset and helps them relax. Meanwhile, the Yang will help them get more in shape and is also more strenuous.”

With her wide range of knowledge in yoga, she hopes that she can help expand it to beginners.

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AP: Advanced Placement or Aggravated Pupils?