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Get to know your local nail salon

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Many people struggle to choose which nail salon where they can get a relaxing experience. Since there are so many options just in the Boardman-Canfield area, we decided to investigate the best stores to get the highest quality service.

Diem Trang Pham, owner of TT Nail & Spa located at 505 Boardman, Canfield Rd 44512, told the inside story of running a salon.

“I love being able to talk to my clients and be able to make their nails look pretty,” explained Diem Trang.

TT Nail & Spa is a family based salon that has been open for about five months. Diem Trang Pham individually has been working with nails for 14 years.

“I needed to go through over two-hundred and forty hours of cosmetology school and pass the State Board exam in order to get my license to work in a nail salon,” said Trang.

With all the hard work she puts into her beauty shop, comes the struggles of competing nail salons.

“In order to compete with the many great nail salons in this area, I have to make sure that my shop is up to date with the newest polish selection and also have amazing customer service,” claimed Trang.

Since the present trend is to decorate your nails for upcoming holidays, the question of which season that brings the most business appears.

“Summer seems to be the most popular season with the most clients, but also holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving brings in high volume of people,” stated Trang.

The most popular question that appears alongside most nail salons is whether or not the cosmetologists say mean things about the customers in a different language.

“My workers never say bad things about our customers. It’s just easier to communicate through the Vietnamese language because it is my first language. It is not meant to be taken offensive. We respect and value our customers,” explained Diem Trang.

Now we all know that we shouldn’t be insecure when we’re at nail salons. 

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Get to know your local nail salon