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When I grow up…

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Have Canfield seniors abandoned their childhood dreams or just revised them?

We have spoken to dozens of Canfield High School seniors about their future goals and past dreams. Most students have drastically changed their plans for the future.  From princesses to professional tennis players, as elementary students the seniors had big dreams. After being exposed to the real world they have changed up their future careers to be more realistic. These elementary kids may have grown up they haven’t stopped dreaming.

A childhood dream that most students shared was becoming a Veterinarian. Sarah Veverka dreamed of becoming a vet but now her plans have changed.

“I love dogs and would love to help them but I don’t think I’m cut out to be a vet,” Veverka said.

Instead, Veverka is going to be attending Waynesburg University next fall with the intents of majoring in nursing.

When asked why she changed her plans she replied, “I want a job that I can help people, because I’m a people person.”  

Veverka is known around the school for her outgoing personality and her passion for helping others.

Senior Zac Sine drastically changed his goals during his first years of high school from roller coaster design and reality TV stardom to social work and criminal justice.  He plans to attend Miami University to major in social work.  

“I’m looking into different variations of it,” Sine said. “They have program at Miami where you double major in social work and criminal justice.”  

Sine has always enjoyed working with children and at one point planned to be a teacher.  With a double major in social work and criminal justice he will still be able to work with children, helping families who are in prison or struggling.

Cara DeChurch is also a senior at Canfield.  She dreams of being on Broadway, a dream that stemmed from her passion for performing as a young girl.  

DeChurch said, “When I was little, I loved singing and dancing and acting but I didn’t even know if I was talented or that performing was an option to actually do.”  

As she got older she began to join community theater, and other local performing troupes.  She has auditioned for multiple college conservatories for a musical theater major and even if she doesn’t get into one of these acclaimed colleges she still plans to perform on cruise lines, Disney, or professional theater. 

When our time in high school is over, our childhood dreams will fade, replaced with visions of the future, new dreams, and new ideas.  The people we were in 3rd grade, will not be the same as the people we are now, or the same people we will be in the future.  It may be sad to think that maybe we won’t be what we’d always dreamed of being, but we can find comfort in the fact that our new dreams are just as real and just as magical as the ones we dreamed as children.

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