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Pimple popping a common approach among CHS students

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Hearing your alarm on the morning of the Sweethearts dance, you roll out of bed and lazily walk to the bathroom. Splashing cool water on your face and drying it with a small towel. You slowly look in the mirror to find the horror that lies in the middle of your forehead.

A bright red, juicy, miniature volcano ready to blow.

Well, this is how you can handle it: the first thing you have to have your face washed, nothing is better for the skin than hygiene.

“Pimples happen because the skin’s pores are clogged,” claimed Dr. Bernat, a local dermatologist in Boardman, Ohio.

If the pimple has already formed, he suggests to not attempt to pop it.

“It is better to leave them alone. If you squeeze them it makes them more inflamed. No one wants pustules on their face, so you’re better off opening it with a sterile pin and use a warm compress to draw the pus out,” recommended Dr. Bernat.

Dr. Bernat also recommended that the application of certain medicines to dry out acne would help unclog face pores: “Use a non-comedogenic moisturizer. If you have acne, use Differin over the counter.”

While Dr. Bernat explained the best way to handle a breakout, students have their own approach of handling the situation.
“I usually put some Clinique on it and it gets rid of the oils and dries it up. I put a hot compress on it before trying to pop, if it’s ready to pop,” explained senior Grace Barrett.

“I take care of my face by using oil removers in the morning and wash my face. I might even put a face mask on,” said sophomore Brent Hermann.

“I take a pill that my dad gives me and I sometimes use a cream,” junior Alexis Bernat explained.

While these students have different skin care routines, they also have different methods on popping pimples.

 “You have to have the white thing on it for it to be ready,” Barrett said.

“Yes, I pop it, even though that’s bad, you are not supposed to unless it’s white,” Bernat revealed.

Even though some students tend to do what dermatologists recommend, most students feel the need to pop their pimples. A recent Cardinal Twitter poll done on high school students showed 71% of students pop their pimples.

So if you wake up with a pimple on your face, do not fret! It is easy to handle your skin even on its worst days.

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Pimple popping a common approach among CHS students