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First impressions of a freshman

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First impressions of a freshman

Kailey Charnesky

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High school may be challenging, but for some students it is a great change from middle school. A survey of Canfield High School freshmen showed that 72% of students enjoy high school and the variety of activities and organizations that they can join. The most popular organizations that most of the freshman join are NHS and LEO’s club.

Madelyn Tobey said, “High School has been a great experience so far and I can’t wait to see what my next three years bring.”

Canfield has kept most of their traditions for years. Some of the most popular that appeal to freshmen are Spirit Week, Primetime Fridays, and Halloween.

We asked Tobey what her favorite was and she said, “My favorite tradition is probably Spirit Week. It’s a nice way to see pretty much the whole school participate and support our school sports teams.”

We also asked freshman, Megan Nicholson what her favorite part of high school is, and she said, “I really enjoy all the freedom and how we aren’t treated like little kids like in middle school. It’s also nice to select the classes we want to take and how everyone gets along and is friends with everyone.”

90% of freshmen surveyed said that football games were the most fun to attend. They really like Spirit Week and how it builds up the intensity throughout the week when there is a big game. They also like how for every game there is a theme that the entire student section participates.

Sometimes the upperclassman might get annoyed by the freshman. It might be a struggle, but they have to welcome them and make them feel at home for their next three years.

Throughout the next years, it depends on if they will be rough or if it will be easy and fly by. Most freshman are starting out with a really high GPA and plan on keeping it that way so they have to work really hard.

As the year goes on, freshmen are finding easier ways to take their own notes during class and studying for their tests. Most freshman found out how to manage their time wisely during their first year of high school.

We asked Nicholson how her second semester is going to go and she said, “I think my second semester is going to go very good just like my first semester. I really like all the classes this year and I can’t wait to pick my classes for next year.”

The freshman are gonna wrap up “one great first year,” and get ready for the next.

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Kailey Charnesky, Freshman Contributor

The transition from middle school to high school can be intimidating, but Kailey Charnesky faced the challenge with a sense of optimism. Her adventurous...

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First impressions of a freshman