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Is high school romance worth it?

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Can high school relationships lead to a marriage, a family and unconditional everlasting love?

Or are they a distraction and waste of time that just leads to heartbreak?

Starting a relationship as a freshman has various standpoints. Some feel that starting a relationship in your first year of high school is a waste of time and youth. As a freshman, you’re so young and don’t have enough wisdom or experience to fully commit yourself to someone in a mature and special way.

On the other hand, some say it is good and if you like someone, why not give it a go?

Sam Rondelli and Frankie Carney are a rather newer couple in Canfield. They have been together for around four months. Frankie and Sam do not plan to make it a priority to attend the same college.

Frankie feels that both of them are more mature than they were when they were freshman. She says she would have dated him sooner if she had known him, however she’s glad he came into her life when he did. Frankie feels they are both very ready at this point in time to handle each other’s feelings.

She continued, “We are both more mature now and are able to talk and work things out much better.”

Jenny Smith and Dom Duponty have been a speech and debate couple for a little over a year.

As freshmen, Jenny and Dom both had “differing opinions on the federal reserve” that led to heated debates. They were long and draining and led them to become arch enemies.  

Over time, they noticed each other’s strengths and decided to “join forces instead of being against each other.”

As freshman, they said they never would’ve never been mature enough to date. Dom stated that if a relationship started a freshman year it would have “immediately ended.”

They both applied to OSU but are not basing their choice of college off of each other. Dom said that if they go to different colleges it will have little to no impact on their relationship. They both agreed that they do not want to “hold each other back.”

Macey, Lauren and Mckenna agreed that they support high school relationships and are not against them however they do not support overly displaying PDA. They also said to do whatever makes you happy.

An interesting anonymous response from a teacher was how when you are with someone in highschool, you are more knowledgeable of their past. She continued to say that a serious relationship from the past was ruined due to not knowing past mistakes he made.

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Is high school romance worth it?