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Sweethearts: A dance for couples or a dance for friends?

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Dresses, shoes, flowers, and the perfect night with the perfect date. The ideal picture high school students paint in their head when they think of school dances. While the majority of people bring a date, more and more people boycott the idea of a date and just show up with friends.

Many students are familiar of the annual dances that take place at Canfield High school: Homecoming in the fall and Sweethearts scheduled for February 11 near the beginning of spring.  

The idea of showing up without a date is not new, with many people showing up to homecoming without a date. Showing up to Sweethearts stag, on the other hand, is relatively new, having it coined as a couples dance. Although the majority of people still continue to go with dates, the number of people going with friends is rising.  

Each student seems to have a different opinion, while most seem to not care, many students strongly agree that there is nothing wrong with going without a date.

Sophomore Autumn Caldwell is attending her first Sweethearts this year and is going with a friend. Both guys and girls attend Sweethearts, Caldwell voiced her opinion on who she thought went to the dance more often without a date.

“Definitely girls. Girls look forward to dressing up, whereas guys couldn’t care less,” Caldwell said.

It seems this trend of girls going and getting dressed up to go to dances together seems to be a new one. In the past, if a person didn’t have a date, he or she wouldn’t go to the dance.

“I originally wasn’t going to go if I didn’t have a date because, to me, there’s a stereotype that you have to go to the dance with your date or ‘sweetheart’ as it is for couples,” Caldwell explained.

Regardless of this stereotype that every high school student is aware of, every year more and more people seem to be showing up with their friends.

“Eventually I decided to go because my friend Sarah was going stag, so why not go together!” Caldwell said.

Many couples question why someone would want to go if they don’t have a date and say that it would be boring, although Caldwell has a different idea.

“ I think people get too caught up in the idea of having a date. I know people who asked people who they don’t even know and it can be awkward. The only reason I wanted to go to Sweethearts was so I could wear a dress and look cute,” she said.

The majority of people who go to the dance go with dates. Makayla Jageman, who has attended every dance with a date, shared some of the same opinions.

“The whole point of a dance is to have fun either way if you bring someone or you bring your friends. Their are pros and cons to bringing your boyfriend and your friends,” Jageman explained.

While the perfect night at Sweethearts for many people includes a date, a beautiful dress and flowers, most students at CHS agree that no matter how you show up, it’s all about having a good time.

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Sweethearts: A dance for couples or a dance for friends?