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Vivian Nohra
Freshman Vivian Nohra is a kind, hardworking, and determined student athlete at Canfield High school. Vivian plays on the high school soccer team, as well as a club team, and has been playing soccer since she was 4 years old.

Although she has tried different sports and activities, soccer is her favorite thing.

Vivian stated that “my parents kind of just put me in and I loved it.”

In her free time Vivian loves to draw, as well as play tennis. Vivian started her soccer journey by playing on the Canfield wreck team.

She stated that “I remember starting on the Canfield wreck team with those colored jerseys.”

She then moved to a club team called TCSC which she had stayed at for about 3 years. After playing at TCSC for quite some time, she and a group of her friends left that club and created their own club called MVS to work on some more technical stuff.

Vivian stated that “I felt like I wasn’t developing on that team.”

This caused her to leave MVS with her friend Hanna and go to a new club team called “Internationals.”

Nohra stated that “I have really grown from there,” and that she loves all of the coaches and the girls.

Vivian is not playing club soccer right now because you are not allowed to play club and high school soccer at the same time.

She stated that “I might leave high school soccer next year, and the year after that to try and get scouted and get some scholarships, and then come back senior year.”

With her club team she does a lot of traveling which is why she would have a better chance at accomplishing her goal of getting scouted if she played with them. Vivian loves to play soccer, and hopes that she will continue to be able to play for a very long time.

Vivian Nohra, Freshman Contributor

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Vivian Nohra