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Vincent Patierno
While Journalism, the elective offered at Canfield High school can range from interesting to just another class for most Canfield students, Vince Patierno sees it as a way to help him get his life on the right path and help him achieve his goals, as he aspires to inform others.

“I’ve always felt like it’s my job to inform other people, I feel like journalism is sort of a way to give a voice to maybe those that don’t always have a voice, and to really raise awareness about certain issues,” said Patierno. 

Patierno plans to use his skills in journalism to pursue a career in the news field for his future, seeing it as being one of the best ways to inform others. While also being able to get his point across.

“I would like to pursue a career in news and journalism and maybe somewhere along the road that could evolve into politics. As far as now goes just news, looks like my route, I’ll be going on, I think I’m partially skilled at it. I can say what I want to say,” explained Patierno.

Patierno feels that their are many reasons for him to feel the need to inform people and aspiring to go into the news field, but it mainly stems from his belief that many people are not educated on issues that shape our everyday lives, especially their political view.

“Currently I feel like a lot of people aren't very informed on their political surroundings. As far as the administration that's about to take off, and they just don't know or really care as much as they probably should about the  events that shape the world that they live in,” said Patierno.

When asked what responsibilities he felt he had as a journalist he explained his view on it.

“I just feel like it's our job here in a sense to make it appealing for them to posses a care for things that are happening around them,” replied Patierno.

Lastly, Patierno, describing himself as “informed,” continues on his path to inform others about the events that shape the world around us.

Vincent Patierno, Sophomore Staffer

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Vincent Patierno