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Ty Schaab
Senior student athlete Ty Schaab does it all. Not only does he maintain a 4.33 GPA, he also swims breaststroke and holds the captain spot on the Canfield High School swim team.

Ty has been swimming competitively since the age of seven and hasn't looked back. As if juggling school wasn't enough, Schaab also swims for the Neptunes at the downtown YMCA. He swims all year round and loves every aspect of the sport.

You always hear about the crazy and weird routines that the swimmers do before a race. As for Ty, he typically likes to listen to upbeat music to get him “hype” and pumped to dive off the block. As for his senior year, he decided to make a change.

Schaab said, “I want to try listening to classical music before, sit down and relax and try to visualize my race.”

This is completely different from his past warm ups and he claims that this may help his mindset and results.

Being chosen to be a captain of a team is a pretty big deal, but in Ty’s eyes, it's just another opportunity to build up his team and make them stronger.

Schaab said, “As a captain, my job is pretty much to light fires under my teammates to get everybody serious and make sure they are refocused during the season. We are just going to have to make the best of my senior season, due to all of the corona restrictions.”

Ty is a great leader and will be a fantastic captain this year.

As for the off season, Ty enjoys staying fit and hanging out with some of his friends, also known as the “Newbies.”

Since the pandemic began, Schaab has been really determined in the gym to keep him motivated for the upcoming swim season. He also uses swimming skills to teach swim lessons and lifeguard at the local swim club. After swimming most of his life, Ty believes that he may decide to swim in college, to continue his athletic career. I have high hopes that he will be doing great things in the future.

Ty Schaab, Senior Contributor

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Ty Schaab