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Tessa Searcy
Junior Tessa Searcy is a fun, outgoing, loving, and athletic student. Not only is Tessa an excellent student and athlete she is an amazing sister to her two younger siblings. She is a wonderful swimmer lettering her freshman year.

Tessa loves to swim but says “That is not all I want to be known for.”

Tessa has so many hopes and dreams for her future.

She would love to attend Kent State University, but said “I want to keep my options open for new and better possibilities.”

Nothing standing in her way her dream job is to be a model.

She said,“ I want girls to know it doesn’t matter your shape, size, or color that they are beautiful no matter what. I want them to know they can do anything they put their minds to.”

Tessa wants to be a role model for younger kids. She wants to show younger girls that it doesn’t matter your body shape. 

Tessa said, “I have always looked at social media stars and wanted to look like them. I realize now that I can be my own person.”

She has always worked hard to look like influencers like Kendall Jenner or Sommer Ray.

She said, “They are unrealistic. I may not look like them but I am beautiful in my own way.”

Tessa wants to help girls that feel the same way she does. Growing up with social media can be hard but with people like Tessa it changes the perspective. Tessa is determined to help girls in our generation and the next.

She explained, “My dream may be difficult to achieve but I will not stop trying until I make it”

Tessa Searcy, Junior Contributor

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Tessa Searcy