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Taylor Mead
Music is an integral part of our lives. Whether it be through listening, playing, or writing music. We use music to solve a myriad of different problems. But to Taylor Mead, music means so much more.

“I think I'm so into music because my parents were 90’s kids - they were really into grunge and all different kinds of music. So with that I just had a natural craving that I had to sing,” she stated.

Nostalgia can play a role over what types of music we do or do not listen to and parental influence surrounds us on what type of music we might or might not enjoy. Mead’s taste in music has a wide range.

She said, “Uhhh, Everything except rap and techno, and I grew up with country so sometimes I like country a lot but I feel that new country has become a lot of the same. But hands down I love heavy metal.”

Her favorite artist?

“My favorite is crown the empire, there is nothing to combat that. Which they are really metalcore, not heavy metal, and my first concert was motionless in white. It’s the most shocking part about me, my favorite color is black,” she said.

Now if you know Mead you would not think of her as a grunge listener. You would think of a kind hearted, guitar playing, writing extraordinaire. So I had to ask the big question. Why?

“Although I don't appear it at all, I am really into that rebellious nature, the freedom that comes from that life,” she said.

Along with listening to music and going to concerts, Mead also plays instruments.

“I play Ukulele, guitar, piano, percussion which is everything, drums; the works, and I sing,” she said.

What drives her to play all these instruments?

She said, “You can sing all day long but singers are a dime a dozen, but if you can sing and write your music. Then play them, you become more valuable as a musician.”

So after sitting down about this grunge loving, multi instrument playing talent. We discover that Mead is more than just a normal person. We find out she is a multi talented human being who is kind, funny, and a light hearted individual who uses music to combat any challenge in her path.

- Michael Stefanick

Taylor Mead, Senior Staffer

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Taylor Mead