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Sara Rogers
Early on, Sara Rogers became a gymnast. She was only 2 years old when she started tumbling. While she was young and just getting the technique down, she started competitively being a gymnast when she was just 7 years old.

As a determined young gymnast, Rogers competed in all four events. That consists of vault, floor, bars, and beam.

“I enjoyed all of the events but floor was definitely my favorite of all of them,” Rogers said.

As floor was Rogers’ favorite event to compete in, she never made her own routine.

“I never made my own routines on the floor, but I never minded.” She goes on to say, “But I did get to tweak it at times and speed up or slow down the tempo.”

After she watched the 2012 London Olympics, she said, “Aly Raisman is my mom.”

Sara felt a connection with Aly while watching her perform in the Olympics.

Because of the many injuries Rogers faced, and the many other sports she was participating in, she had to make a decision. When she was 15 years old she had to let go of being a gymnast.

Because Sara had been so flexible from gymnastics, she discovered other talents. One day while watching Disney she saw someone open a fridge with their shoulder blade and got inspired to try it on her own.

She said, “I saw a girl on TV do it and I wondered if I could do it, also.”
So she went to her fridge, popped her shoulder blade out and opened the fridge. In that moment she discovered one of her many hidden talents.

Sara Rogers, Senior Staffer

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Sara Rogers