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If anyone has the most experience with traveling and meeting new people, it would be Santiago; commonly referred to as Santi. Not only has Santi traveled to countries such as Mexico, Germany, Belgium, and France, but he has lived in 3 other states before moving to Ohio. 

“I used to live in Georgia, but before that I used to live in Texas, and before that I used to live in California,” explained Santi.

Santi was born in California shortly after his parents immigrated to the United States from Mexico. He still retains strong ties to his Hispanic culture. 

“I’m the first member of my family to be born in America. My parents moved here because my Dad was offered a higher position job as an engineer due to his hard work,” he said. 

Each year, Santi’s family travels to their hometown in Mexico to spend time with relatives. He appreciates the culture and having the opportunity to see his relatives, but Santi explains that he is happy to live in the States. 

He said, “While most of the people in Mexico are good and caring, people tend to mind their own business out of fear. It’s definitely more dangerous in Mexico than here, which makes life harder over there.”

Santi has been competitively swimming since Freshman year at his old high school in Georgia, and last year was his first year swimming for Canfield. 

“I started swimming because of my older brother,” explained Santi.

While Santi has a lot less experience than most high school swimmers, he has made great improvements since he started to where he is now.

“I’d say I'm a pretty good swimmer for this being only my second year of competitive swimming. While I didn’t quite make it to state last year, I hope to do so this upcoming season,” he said.

For someone who has moved around so much, Santi has no problems talking to new people and making new friends. He credits this due to his “chill and laid back” personality, which makes people feel comfortable around him. 

Santiago Hernandez

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Santiago Hernandez