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Nicole DeFabio
While catching the first glimpse of a sweet and funny sophomore girl, you would not know her true passion.  Though claiming to be uninteresting, those who really know Nicole DeFabio would see her passion for theatre, arts, and writing. 

DeFabio wishes to pursue her acting career far and beyond.

While being asked about her past plays, she openly explained, “I got one of the leads, but this year’s musical I didn’t make, considering I was only a freshman.” 

Though not making the freshman musical, DeFabio is no quitter. 

“The 8th grade play ‘Androcles and the Lion’ was my favorite since I got to play such a funny character.” 

“I was really just making the audience laugh,” DeFabio enthusiastically exclaimed.

She is looking forward to future musicals the school has to offer, and is hoping that someday she gets the chance to perform in her favorite, “Hamilton.”

DeFabio said, “I think I will do something my parents suggested. I will go into a career and act on the side, and see where that gets me. There aren’t a lot of opportunities in Ohio,” she says as she continues with, “I plan to go to Ohio State University.”

She is looking forward to what the future holds - “My goal is to star in TV shows,” she said.

“TV and entertainment. They’re faster paced and you get more chances to fix mistakes with multiple takes whereas a play is just one take. It’s a lot of pressure,” DeFabio explained.

Nicole DeFabio, Sophomore Contributor

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Nicole DeFabio