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When someone says art what comes to your mind? A painting? A drawing? A picture?

Well to Nick Palermo it is life. Nick aspires to be a successful artist going to Ohio University for Visual Communications and potentially a minor in studio arts.

Visual Communication is essentially a mix between art and journalism.

“If Art and Journalism had a baby that would be their baby,” Nick said. “ A program through the the Script School of Journalism that focuses on the combination of art and journalism, which includes subjects such as graphic design, advertising, photojournalism, and many others.”

Nick does not have a career planned out yet but knows it will be art related. For now, his plan is to focus on his studies and get further into the art world before he lands on a specific career.

Nick is a successful artist winning a Silver Key from the Scholastics Art and Writing Awards, and has won a medal every year in the Canfield High School Art Show and coming in 6th place overall in the Art Show for a project he did.

Nick is in AP 2D design that takes up half of his day in school to focus on art but to him it is all worth it because it is his passion. While Nick is not creating new works of art, he is at home hanging out with his friends and being a free spirited individual.

Nick seems to be a very outstanding student who is focused on his studies, and definitely has his future set on art.

- Matt Nielson

Nick Palermo, Senior Staffer

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Nick Palermo