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From the start, the first question asked of the interview was, “Do you play any sports?”.“Does wii sports count?” answered the 18 year old Murphy. This was just a nice ice breaker that brought this interview into a nice calming mood.

Murphy hasn’t always been this type of person growing up. He started off as a shy young lad that attended St. Joseph Parish in Austintown, Ohio from grades K-5th. Then, when he came to Canfield for his 6th grade year, and he started to express himself more.

“I like Canfield’s education better. I grew to become not as shy and make more friends than I used to be like.” He also explained that Canfield’s classroom atmosphere was not as strict as St. Joseph, which made him enjoy his presence in the classroom all day. Not counting down the minutes.

“They closed down and the price for tuition was over priced. Canfield was right down the road from me and my family only heard great things about it.”

This was Murphy’s explanation for why he switched schools from St. Joseph to Canfield. He liked how when his family visited other schools, Canfield stood out the best.

Murphy doesn’t agree that Catholic schooling should have a tuition to go with it. “No, because the only thing different is that they talk about Jesus and go to church while at school. You can go to a public school with the same education without a tuition.” He also stated that he attended CCD classes and normal mass on Sundays.

“The change in my behavior from switching schools has got me a job at Rulli Brothers in Boardman. Even after the years, I spoke up and got a raise. I feel like I would have never been able to do that if if my lifestyle didn’t change.”

Murphy left me on a note that sometimes you have to change the way you live to get to the places you want in life. He also left me with a mental state that whatever your attitude is like, that’s how you will be as a person.

Nick Murphy, Senior Staffer

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