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Nate Cordova
Lots of people can be good at something they devote their time to, but what separates them from the great ones? The answer is one word: Motivation.

Nate Cordova is a senior at Canfield High School who seems to truly understand what it means to have the motivation to excel at his sport of boxing. 

Growing up in Detroit, nothing came easy to Cordova. Often, fighting was his only way to defend himself out there. After moving to Canfield in 2012 he was able to find his avenue where he could blow off his steam.

“I always liked to fight. It’s something I began to want to do, so my Dad suggested boxing,” said Cordova. 

Shortly after, Nate decided to step into the ring and pick up boxing. You can find Cordova training with his coach, who has Olympic boxing experience, at the Burnside Boxing Club. It wasn’t easy for Cordova in the beginning of his career, but after weeks of dedication he began to find success whenever he strapped up for a fight.

Now that Corova has been winning and gaining publicity, he and his coach can start to see a future pursuing boxing at the professional level.

“I definitely could see myself going somewhere with boxing,” said Cordova. 

Not only does he find success in boxing, but he also has a burning passion for it.

Cordova said, “I believe everything you do in life should be done because you love it. And I love boxing. It’s what keeps me coming back each day.”

What’s next for his as graduation approaches? He plans to attend YSU next fall to major in Psychology. Nate understands that education is key to helping yourself succeed in the long run, that is why he definitely wants to graduate from college. He does however, still look forward to pursuing boxing and seeing how far he can go.

Right now, Nate’s future looks extremely bright. He not only has his further education planned out, but he has the motivation to keep him dedicated inside and outside the ring. At the end of the day Nate just wants “to live every day to the fullest.”

- Justus Freeman

Nate Cordova, Senior Contributor

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Nate Cordova