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Maddie Deiley
“But like ‘y’ you gotta spell it with a y?”

Maddie Deiley is one of those people that you never tire of talking with. Her personality fills the room with every twist and turn her stories take. On the outside, it may appear that this is due to her excessive experience with speech and debate, however after getting to know Deiley, beneath the speech, it becomes clear that this charisma stems from elsewhere.

Deiley grew up with just her mom as she expressed, “I think the thing that makes me strive the most is my mom being a single mom and seeing her struggle. I know that she does everything she does so that I can have a better life.” She continued to describe their close and almost inspirational relationship as she laughed, “We talk about everything… we’re as close as two people living together for eighteen years can be.”

While she admits that her mother was involved in education, she says that her inspiration to pursue a career in education originated from no other than her third grade teacher, Mrs. Novotny. While talking, it became apparent that this class, from nine years ago, continues to have a noticeably lasting impression on Deiley.

She aspires to become a third grade teacher, after attending YSU. She explained, “I want to be the teacher that teaches them to love to learn.” Despite negative experiences, she continues to push not only herself to be better, but also teachers in general to better themselves. She said, “I went from having the best teacher to having the worst teacher and it makes me want to be a teacher even more.”

Deiley is outgoing but genuine. An idealist but realistic. However, her most identifiable quality is the way she exudes a sense of loving acceptance.

- Kate Hartshorn

Maddie Deiley, Senior Staffer

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Maddie Deiley