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Lillian Capps
Unlike most 18 year old high school students, Lilian Capps has traveled to over 10 countries and 20 states including Europe, Italy, Greece, Ireland, Spain France, and attending a safari in South Africa. Through interactions among her travels, she has made many different interactions and has incorporated different cultures into her daily lifestyle.

When asked how each location compares shes replied, “ Each place is so different and special I feel grateful to have been exposed to so many different places at such a young age."

Just this past summer she spent quality time in Alaska, her new favorite state she has traveled to in the United States. When asked how American culture compares to the variety of places she has traveled, Capps emphasized strongly on cuisine.

The culinary world plays a key part to the places she travels considering her dad is a chef and banquet hall owner in Pittsburgh. He’s constantly travelling around the world trying new foods and learning different cuisines while incorporating different recipes and techniques to bring back home. Her dad regularly travels with chefs on tours around the world including India and Morocco. Lily travels with her dad and little sister Lauren and explains that going on these trips is a great bonding experience that brings her closer with her family.

Capps explained that the interpretation on culture and how it influences food around the world is very different. Her favorite part of traveling to diverse locations is experiencing authentic food. Her favorite food to make are different Pasta dishes. While in Italy she learned from Italian chefs how to make authentic spaghetti from scratch.

She explained that meals around the world tend to be healthier and fresher alternatives compared to similar dishes in America.

Capps said, “Seeing all the different cultures when I travel really does have an impact on me and makes me feel like I can take the interactions I encounter and incorporate them into my daily life.”

Following graduation, Lily has plans to stay local for college. She’s considering Kent or Youngstown State with the possibility of transferring to Florida or take a year studying abroad. 

Lillian Capps, Senior Contributor

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Lillian Capps