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Lexsi Hawkes
There are numerous ways to describe Lexsi Hawkes, one of them being an outstanding runner. Hawkes has been running for a total of six years yet she still is constantly working to get better.

When training, she likes to listen to pop music so that she can block out her mind from any negative thoughts coming her way.

Hawkes describes the best thing about running as “The feeling when your body gets a runner's high and when you complete the run. Completing the race no matter if you finish first or last is still an accomplishment because you get the satisfaction knowing that you got through something difficult.”

In contrast to the best thing, she would describe the worst thing about running is “There’s not really anything I dislike about running. I mean the soreness after a race is tough, but I would say right now I don’t like how we can’t run in groups because of the Corona virus.”

When Hawkes is asked about how she prepares for a cross country meet, she said, “Well, you have to almost have to mentally prepare yourself. The hardest thing about running isn’t the actual running part, it’s the part where your brain says you can’t do this a 1000 times, almost annoying you to the point where you just want to give up.”

Her advice to anyone who wanted to start running is “It doesn’t matter how good you are, it just takes time to build up your endurance. If you’re the slowest person in the world, practicing a lot will make u a better runner.”

Lexsi Hawkes, Senior Contributor

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Lexsi Hawkes