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Lenna Atway
Lenna Atway is a junior, she is kind, funny, hardworking, and very busy. Lenna not only contributes to clubs after school, but she also participates in soccer for the school and piano outside of school.  The piano is what keeps Lenna the busiest, and she is always trying to push her limits on the piano.

Lenna said, “I stated at age six or seven at Ursuline Preschool. There I took group classes.”

It was so long ago that she can’t remember the teacher’s name. She decided in those group classes that she loved the art and wanted to take it to the next level.

She then moved on to her second teacher Mrs. Gretchen. She felt she wasn’t growing as a player, and she wasn’t being placed in the competitions which she is later placed in with her third and best piano teacher Mrs. Diebic. Lenna is still with Mrs. Diebic today as a student.

Lenna’s workload in piano must feel like a truck.

She said, “I do three competitions per year, and my favorite is one we work for over the summer called federation.”

She must memorize all of these intricate and difficult pieces and play them all in front of judges. Sometimes she even memorizes more than 10 pieces.

By the end of Lenna’s high school career, will reach, in the point system given in the piano competitions, a high score of eighty to ninety points. Winning a large trophy given by the federation.

Lenna is striving for greatness and is keeping her options on what to do in the next chapter of her life wide open.

Lenna Atway, Junior Contributor

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Lenna Atway