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Kaleigh Ceci
 Students at Canfield High school spend the majority of the every school year juggling not only a wide range of different classes, but clubs and after schools activities as well.  To successfully balance all of these obligations, you have to be able to stay both driven and focused. Junior Kaleigh Ceci embodies these qualities perfectly.

 Even now as we start off a new school year, Kaleigh is already feeling these pressures of dealing with classes like AP Government, Italian 3, sociology, Chambers choir, and American Literature and Diversity.  On top of this she participates in the drama club and musicals outside of school.

  Above all of these things, nothing is more enjoyable or as much of a commitment to her as the Speech  and Debate Club. Kaleigh has been in the Humorous Interpretation category for both her freshman and sophomore years and is looking forward to starting off her third consecutive season.

  In the past, Kaleigh has placed at eight district tournaments as well as chosen to be first alternate for the national speech and debate tournament.  Hoping to continue to improve and place, she dedicates a lot of her time on a regular basis to planning out the upcoming season. Whether it be ideas for a new cut, different humorous voices, or clever introductions, Kaleigh has been figuring out many new ideas for this year.  

Kaleigh Ceci, Junior

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Kaleigh Ceci