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Jordan Audia
Everyone has their niche. For some, it is football. For others, it is choir. But for Canfield High School senior Jordan Audia?

It is memes.

Now, this may sound trivial, but to Audia, it holds a purpose near and dear to his heart.

“I make jokes at the expense of other people,” he explained about his sense of humor. This does not always have the effect he intends, however, stating that some of his jokes are not always well received.

“People don’t get that I’m not being serious,” he added.

Despite this, he continues his endeavors in comicality, offering advice to class clown hopefuls: “For a joke to circulate, it has to be funny. Whether it be seriously funny, or funny in a stupid way."

The latter has certainly brought him great success, with photoshopped pictures of Harambe, a deceased gorilla from the Cincinnati Zoo, being a meme he is notorious for distributing. He uses many mediums to achieve this, from print to social media.

Between mixed responses, skepticism, and changing audiences, it would be easy for Audia to give up on his calling. But he has a very significant reason for persisting.

“It makes me feel like my life is complete, because I’m making other people happy in doing so,” he said about his favorite pastime.

He revealed his true goal to be brightening the day of others, rather than making himself appear humorous.

When asked for a final comment, Audia stayed true to his simple yet profound nature.

“Life imitates art,” he stated. “Memes are art.”

Jordan Audia, Senior Staffer

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Jordan Audia