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Jenna Vrabel
Jenna Vrabel has many interests and hobbies that make her stand out, making her an individual that is very enjoyable to be around. 

Lacrosse is her main sport that she started in the seventh grade. The sport had only been around for just one year, so everyone was new to it. That was a challenge for everyone and Jenna stuck with it, as she still plays in high school. 

Her positions are attack, which is offense and midfield, which plays both sides of the field. Jenna states that her favorite position to play is “...midfield because you’re always in the action, and you’re never just watching part of the game from the other side of the field.”

Jenna is also grateful for deciding to join the lacrosse team because it was an opportunity for her to meet the people who she is close friends with when she said, “...a lot of the people I hang out with now are because of lacrosse.” And lacrosse has created many good memories for her throughout her seasons. 

Vrabel is a travel guru. She loves going on vacations with her family and plans to travel around the world in the future. Her dream vacation is a place called the Turks and Caicos Islands, southeast of the Bahamas. 

Her top vacation spot she’s been so far has been Las Vegas. 

“I love all the bright lights and how extra everything is,” said Jenna.

Jenna is also a divine cook. The specialty of baking and cooking runs in the family, as she gets it from her mother. It is a tradition for her and her mother to make cookies together during the holidays for their family. 

Quality time with family is very important to Jenna because she has such a close relationship with all of her family, especially her sister. Jenna and her sister Jamie have such a close bond they’re like best friends. 

Jenna Vrabel, Sophomore Contributor

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Jenna Vrabel