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Jackson Horvat

By Taylor E. Mead


One of the most challenging endeavors a person can encounter is the act of sharing them self with the world. It’s strenuous, tedious, and even terrifying to an extent. Yet, this is something that Jackson Horvat has done time and time again regardless of his generally shy nature. With a six book series contract and a three year career as a member of the speech team, Horvat is constantly sharing his writing and thoughts with the world, waiting for the moment when they will catch the public’s attention and never let it go.


“It’s what I love to do and what I want to do for the rest of my life. It’s the one thing that I think creates that unexplainable sense of joy that you get when you’ve found your passion in life. I mean, it’s never wavered, I’ve never wanted to stop,” said Horvat, and no one would want him to.

Horvat has been writing for as long as he has known how to stating, “I would always create little stories out of already existing characters but ... for whatever reason in my little head I never thought to create my own. And then a little nudge from my parents and I was like ‘Yeah, let’s sit down and create my own story,’ and that one was the first one I started myself.” The Vortex Entrance is the first novel of the Disappearing series and its publication changed Horvat’s life in uncanny ways. Going from “that shy kid” to “the canfield student who is publishing novels” has brought about a sense of excitement that never seems to die down.


Aside from the novelty of being written by a teenage author, Horvat’s books have exceptional qualities that are not easy to miss. One of the most prominent being character development. “I have fifteen main characters that all have a sizeable portion of the book, he said as he explained that although his characters are plentiful they could not hold more depth.


“When I create a character they’re almost not minor at all. I typically don’t push them off to the side, each character is some how involved in the plot at every single moment. I almost hold them as real to myself, as if they’re real people, and I think just because they’re my characters is easy to know what they would do and how they would do it at any given moment.”


Horvat is currently on his third novel and says that after this series is over he would like to publish a collection of the short stories he has written throughout high school. After that, there will likely be more to come. When asked of his next series idea he simply said, “It’s a secret.”

Jackson Horvat, Junior Staffer

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