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Jackson Horvat
Everyone, at some point in childhood, has to be an author, illustrator or both. An example of this being a 1-2 page children’s book about a rabbit who meets a turtle and they become friends. Canfield High School's own, Jackson Horvat, has taken this innocent concept and prospered with it through childhood and into teenage years.

“Writing has always been that outlet that I go to. Even when I was little, I would write picture books to give to my parents… I continued that trend to chapter books, but I still used other people's characters, like Spongebob, when I was younger,” said Horvat.

These early stages of toying around with other, already created characters was just a stepping stone for Horvat.

“When I was 11, my dad sat me down and said ‘look, why don’t you try and use some of your characters, stories and ideas for a change?’ and that is what started a craving of creating my own books,” said Horvat.

After conjuring up the plot of The Vortex Entrance, Horvat sent off to create and expand on his written universe.

“It was a process of writing, then setting it down for a while, then writing more and I did this until I was about 14. My dad started reading it and said that it was good enough to start looking for publishers.”

Horvat had his first book published in 2014 and since has been working on more content.

“My biggest inspiration for writing was just reading and wanting to do what brings me enjoyment.”

Jackson is currently working on book three of the series and is looking forward to a bright future as an author.

- Jared Cross

Jackson Horvat, Senior Contributor

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Jackson Horvat