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Gioia Mavar
Gioia Mavar is a Junior in high school and has three siblings who have also all attended Canfield High School. She is a funny and kind student who enjoys participating in cheer leading.

But what you may not know about Gioia is that she has traveled to over 5 countries and over 20 states. Gioia has spent months at a time in countries like Montenegro and Italy visiting family.

“My favorite place I have been to is Kotor, Montenegro,” said Mavar.

She explained that she loves the country because of her family that is there, the beautiful beaches, and the culture.

Gioia loves exploring different cultures because they have shaped her love of exploring. The amount of states and countries she has been to is astonishing and she is extremely grateful she gets the opportunity to experience these things. Gioia, like many other people, explains that the excitement of traveling is experiencing a whole new life, without drastically changing it.

She enjoys the different foods, street wear and settings of these different places, but the one thing she is fond of the most is the people.

Mavar said, “The people are probably the most interesting part of traveling, you get to see how different everything is and before you know it you just sit back and admire how kind people can be to one another.”

Gioia Mavar, Junior Contributor

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Gioia Mavar