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Eva Lamberson
Eva Lamberson is currently a senior entering her fourth year of speech and debate at Canfield High School. She is the program’s president, which consists of designing spirit wear, planning the Canfield tournament, enforcing rules among students and much more.

Lamberson enjoys being “Hamilton’s right hand man,” but being president of the team is much more than a title to her.

When asked the impact of speech and debate on her life, Lamberson answered, “First of all, you learn to be a much better person. Debate taught me how to work hard. It made me find some of my interests like philosophy and politics, as well as make new friends. Being around debate people who are so intelligent and well spoken is a very humbling experience, that makes me considerably more introspective.”

Lamberson is also president of Model UN, a program at the school in which students assume the role of a representative from a given country within the United Nations.

“Basically you are given a country to represent, then put into a chamber in which you talk about issues with other students and their given nation. Its really fun,” said Lamberson.

Along with her academic extracurriculars, she is equally as passionate about the things that help along the way.

“I read a lot of books, and I really like music. I like to read philosophy and I like rap; all types of music really, but I like Kendrick Lamar and Twenty one pilots a lot,” said Lamberson.

Lamberson has great relationships with her teachers that influence her time in school.

Jokingly she adds, “I like it when I accidentally match with Mr. Jennings. I also enjoy messing with Mr. Ruark.”

- Marina Jones

Eva Lamberson, Senior Contributor

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Eva Lamberson