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Emma Castronova
Emma Castronova is the type of person everyone wants to be. She is beautiful, smart, and popular; thus, there are many people that look up to her. 

Castronova has nearly 2,000 followers on social media, where she shares about the things she values in life: friends, family, her love for animals, and her concerns for the Earth.  

She is a woman of the modern era; based on her opinions one could describe her as a feminist, an environmental activist, and a pescatarian. 

Castronova explained, “I want our kids and grandkids to be able to experience our world as we can today. It is so sad to imagine a future where our children can’t play outside or can’t swim in the ocean because it’s filled with our trash.”

One of the things Castronova does to help our planet is that she uses an environmentally friendly water bottle to prevent plastic from ending up in our oceans. 

She said, “I have noticed a lot of students have started using reusable water bottles, although sometimes plastic can be more convenient, I try to use my reusable bottle everyday.”

Another way Castronova tries to make a difference in our world is by eating as little meat as possible.

“I try to eat only the amount of protein I really need to stay healthy because I have a lot of concerns about animal welfare,” said Castronova. 

Castronova hopes that her peers will follow in her footsteps and take action to help save the Earth. 

She added, “I think there is so much that needs to change in this world, even in our school there are so many ways that we could be greener, such as less waste of paper.”

Castronova hopes to see change in our school; she hopes more students will recycle and more teachers will encourage students to turn in projects online to save paper.

“I think there is hope for our world, we just need to make some changes!” she concluded.

Emma Castronova, Junior Contributor

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Emma Castronova