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Dance isn't just a hobby or a sport; it's a lifestyle. Dominic Shaffer’s after-school activity is dance, his job is dance, his drive is dance; dance is what will get him through life.

Shaffer said, “not a lot of people can say they already have their whole life planned out for them.”

But Shaffer can say he does. Everyday he has dance. Weekdays is dance from 4-9:45. Saturdays it’s an all day event.

Professional dancers are mostly on a strict diet, and if Dominic wants to get there he has to start somewhere. So for the past couple of months his dance teacher told him to try a diet consisting of all protein, low carb, non fat diet.

Shaffer usually eats chicken, pork chops, beef, steak, eggs, nonfat or greek yogurt on a daily a basis with the side of a good amount of water and cups of black coffee which slows down metabolism.

Aside from the diet, he also goes to the gym three times a week if he can try to fit it in due to a busy schedule with school, dance and work. Other than getting all his exercise from the dance studio, at the gym he runs at least three miles every time he goes.

Shaffer is very fortunate to already have an agency he signed to in the fall.

In Canfield, Ohio, “you honestly can’t think of a lot of dancers that are in this school or have graduated here ,and this is so out of the box for this town that it’s very interesting and exciting to see someone from this school already signing with an agency at a young age,” said Shaffer.  

With the agency, he has already been to Las Vegas and New York. This agency is called MSA Talent Agency.

He said, ”With this agency you cannot get a job until you have a high school diploma and you are the age of 18 years old.”

Dominic Shaffer is the definition of dance when it comes to showing how much work and time he puts into what he loves.

Dominic Shaffer, Junior Staffer

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Dominic Shaffer